Additional Charlotte Reflections

Additional Observations and Provocations (These are not included in the official report.) Distinctive City Feature: PokéWalk What the Organizers Did:  Charlotte officials and Niantic staff created a “PokéWalk,” by linking together 16 PokéStops and two gyms along a three-mile route between two parks with access to 11 neighborhoods. Blue Pokéball stencils were sprayed onto the […]

Additional Chester Reflections

Additional Observations and provocations (These are not included in the official report.) Distinctive City Feature: PastPort In partnership with Big Heritage, the city of Chester, England included two days of Pokémon GO social enterprise that engages museums, schools and communities with the past, approached the event through a historical lens. They offered antique-looking Pokémon GO […]

One organizer in New Bedford

The story of Pokémon GO in New Bedford could not be told without Michelle Keith, who has become an unofficial spokesperson for the game locally. Keith’s introduction to Pokémon came through the inquiry: how can this game be used to motivate people to vote? Inspired by the crowds of people playing while she and her […]

Open Streets Festivals Tap Into Pokémon GO

Colorful chalk drawings, hundreds of people dressed in costume, miles of open space for biking, walking, and catching Pokémon… This is just a glimpse into what happens when a city combines an Open Streets festival with Pokémon GO. In 2017, three experiments took place through a partnership between the Knight Foundation and Niantic — in […]