Recipes, Tools and Tactics for Practitioners

We are scaffolding the field with strategy, technologies and case study models. In part, this translates our conceptual models and findings into broader use. Along the way, we learn how to democratize the design process — especially so that small institutions like libraries and community museums can participate.

Featured tool: Hive Mechanic – a game engine and authoring tool for interactive stories. So far we have trained more than 60 cities and towns, is a new way to create your own city game, smart city activity, or participatory neighborhood story. Tap into city data, send text messages, or use RFID to bring physical objects to life. No programming required — just use our card system. Our goal is to help democratize design, from library maker spaces to community museums. Currently supported with funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in partnership with the DC Public Library.

Stickers for the movement: Locally Played Stickers: a logo and campaign for anyone to use, inspired by the success of locally made goods. By calling a game “locally played,” we recognize and elevate a particular spirit of play—including hopes of greater connection to place, our neighbors, and our local history.

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Tools and Tactics for the field

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