Press release announcing this report

# # #    Press Release   # # # June 29, 2018 Augmented reality games provide new opportunity for cities to strengthen communities and civic engagement, finds American University report New research provides case studies and best practices for cities to leverage games like Pokémon GO to achieve local goals New York City, NY —  A […]

Presenting at Games for Change (update: with photos!)

We will launch the report at the Games for Change festival with two panels on June 29, 2018. Hear what cities did in partnership with the Knight Foundation and Niantic, Inc. at these sessions: Friday panel #1: Knight Foundation VP Sam Gill and Niantic VP Gabriel Stricker on “How Technology Is Changing Our Relationship to the Places […]

Provocations on the future of cities

Good lenses can amplify insights. Below are five provocations on the future of cities that help to frame our report, “Cities Remix a Playful Platform.” To guide our readers, we propose several provocations to help frame this report. For novel designs, our mental models and categories may not fit cleanly. These provocations aim to help […]